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  These are 2 of the 41 kids I taught the past couple days. Zoie made a reversible hobo bag and then added some flowers to it. Hattie made an adorable swim suit cover up.   Love these girls!! 

Dress shirts

 I picked up these 2 shirts from Goodwill (1/2 price day of course!)  I thought the color combo was super cute!    I cut the tops off of both shirts making sure the 2 bottoms were the same width.    Then pinned the 2 bottoms of the shirts right sides together and sewed. I didn't even have to hem the bottom of the dress since I used the bottom of the coral shirt. Love that!    I cut a small strip off the shirt to create a few flowers for the top of the dress.    Voila! A super cute one of a kind dress for $5.00! This was so easy and only took about 15 minutes.