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From Drop Cloth to Painted Rug

I had a wheelchair ramp built going into my house for my 6 yr old who is in a wheelchair. I have loved having it. He is getting so big that it was getting difficult to get him in & out of the house. This is so much easier! Here's the problem:  It's ugly and my welcome mat/entry rug doesn't fit! No bueno!! I looked for a rug that would fit but didn't want to spend a lot of money on it. So...I decided to make my own. I got a canvas drop cloth from Lowe's for just under $10.00.  I gave it a good ironing to get the creases out. I had some white house paint from another project and painted the drop cloth. (Tip: Even though this is a drop cloth the paint soaked through to the backside. I put a plastic drop cloth under it to protect my table.) Then I stenciled it.  I was going to do a different pattern and transfer it on to the drop cloth but I already had the stencil and let's face it... I don't have all day to sit around and craft! I used left over pain…

T-shirt to Pillow

T-shirt pillows  I found this shirt at Goodwill for $2.49.  My daughter loves purple and I thought it would make a great throw pillow.  I love the ruffles!  I turned it inside out and evened out the sides so I had straight edges. Cut off the top and set aside. I only used the  bottom of the shirt to make this pillow.   I ended up lining it since the shirt was sheer. I didn't want the white of the fiber fill to show through.  I just used some scraps that I had. It wasn't a solid purple but you don't really notice it that much. Sew around the pillow leaving an opening to stuff.  Cut off the corners to reduce bulk and turn it right side out.
Find a cute boy willing to stuff your pillow.
  Hand stitch the opening. Sit back and enjoy your handywork!
I also picked up a tank top for $2.00.  I love the ruffle detail!

This pillow was made from 2 t-shirts. I gathered the gray fabric and made a cute ruffled pillow.

We had a hoot of a time!

My kids and I made these adorable owls. Even Mark, 4 yrs & Sophia 6 yrs got in on the fun.  I ran out of stuffing so my owl (in pink) did not get stuffed. I added ruffles to my wings and made mine a little bigger. I am the mama owl after all! I think everyone did a great job! We are all going to enter them into the Az State Fair. I can't wait to see who wins the 1st place ribbon!