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Happy Valentines Day!!

Alex 6 yrs. old This past month has been so crazy busy for me. Between 2 kids having surgery with hospital stays and now caring for a sick child at home I could use a good distraction. Thurs. my nephew Alex was admitted into the hospital for a fever. He has Luekemia and has to be monitored closely. I have been watching my sister's 9 month old baby for her. She sent this text to me. It made me smile. This is how a conversation went with my sister: Alex- "does the tooth fairy come to the hospital too?" My Sister Amy- "yes Alex." Alex- "well don't let her take anymore teeth.....just the one under the pillow." He is just so darn cute!! Thanks for making me smile Alex. Get better soon and come home. I love you! Happy Valentines Day!!

Welcome Home Johnny

I'm back!! My son went in for a scheduled surgery on Jan 12th and was supposed to stay for 4 days. We had one complication after another and are finally coming home today! This has been my home away from home for the past 24 days!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am so thankful for the fabulous staff of nurses and doctors that have taken care of my special needs boy. They were truly wonderful! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I can't tell you how happy I am to get back home and back into the swing of things. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you for all your prayers on our behalf. We couldn't have made it with out them.