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My youngest student ever!!

My daughter just turned 5 a few weeks ago and has been asking to sew. At first I let her sew just some stitching on scrap fabric but she really wanted to make something. As you can see in the corner of the pic Mark was not far behind, he kept putting his hand on the fabric as it was being sewn as if he was helping make something too! I had her pick out of my scrap pile (that makes it sounds so little when really it is taking over my sewing room!) Sophia picked out this darling fabric and we got straight to work. She had so much fun sitting on my lap and sewing. I am going to have her make a skirt next so she can model it in the MaricopaCounty Fair in April. She is so dang cute!! and very proud of what she made. She took it to preschool to show everyone her beautiful work.