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...and I'm just getting started!

Happy Black Friday Everyone! I was the 2nd person in line at JoAnn's fabrics. The store opened up at 6:00 a.m. I brought 4 helpers with me to pick out the cutest flannel that was on sale. It was a lot of fun! I saved $2870.00! I'll be heading back tomorrow to stock up again!! 

Katie's Saddle Pad

I have helped kids make a lot of things in class but this was a first! Katie made this saddle pad for the horse she rides "Buckey" Katie quilted the fabrics and she knew exactly where to place the billet straps, (Good thing since I didn't even know what they were!) Katie has been sewing with me for a few years, she breezed through this project. Keep up the good work Katie! 

Service Project: Drool Rags

Service Project: Drool Rags  This time of year when my kids are thinking about lists of things they want for Christmas, I am trying to keep it balanced with remebering how abundantly we are blessed! So....time for a service project!! There is no better way to forget yourself than by diving into service for others! We made drool rags for my sons special needs classroom. They go through a ton of these each day. We took a bandana or 20" square piece of fabric and sewed a washcloth to the back of it.  The younger kids had fun pinning the washcloths on and even got in on the sewing.
We were able to make 40 of them! 

Mya's Sweatshirt

Mya wanted to make a sweatshirt when she came to class today. I didn't have a pattern so we improvised and used a shirt that had a similar style to what she wanted.
I helped her make a flowers and put them on a both a clip for her hair as well as a pin for her shirt. I love how it turned out!! Awesome job Mya!

Abby's Turquoise & Zebra Purse

' Abby worked really hard making this purse in class. She chose turquoise fabric for the outside & zebra fabric for the lining.

When she was all done with it, she added a few flowers to the front to dress it up.  Fantastic job Abby!!