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Melissa's Custom Crib Bedding

 Custom crib bedding that I made for Melissa.  I love all the details of this accent pillow.  Purple satin cording with pink satin ruffle.  The crib blanket had purple minky on the back. Super soft!  The crib skirt had a purple band around the bottom to tie everything in. I can't wait to see it in her crib!

Mini Backpack/Phone Case

 Stephanie got a fabulous new phone for her birthday and wanted to make a carrying case for it.  I taught her how to make a backpack made out of minky & satin. She loved them so much she made 4 or 5!  I helped her shrink down the measurement to fit her phone. We added some batting for extra cushion. Perfect!

Girl's Day Out!

My very dear friend Carrie & I have know each other for 12 years or so. We carpool our kids to school, dance & tumbling together. We have each others kids over so much that they are almost  counted as some of our own. With all of that said...we never see each other!! Between the 2 of us we have 17 kids! No, we are not sister wives!    We are foster parents. We run constantly, only getting to chat in between appointments or carpool runs. We tried to take a quick weekend away but could only come up with a day in town. SOLD! We'll take it! We picked a day that we were going to tell everyone that we were booked and couldn't schedule anything that day. It was tough but we made it work.  Myself & Carrie Lunch at Cantina Laredo (my favorite Mexican restaurant!) I love their warm salsa! Yum!! We told the waitress we had 17 kids and were escaping for the day and she brought us this! Apple Pie, cinnamon ice cream and some to die for sauce she poured over it. Heaven! We go

Stephanie's 12th Birthday Party

Sadly this is my last birthday party for hire that I am doing. Between my sewing classes, family and product line I am just too swamped. I have loved doing them. I had alot of fun with this one! Take a look. This was a sweet shoppe birthday party. I loved the zebra & turquoise! We had plenty of sweets! The cupcakes were vanilla & chocolate with turquoise frosting. Topped with glitter of course! Each girl got one of these as she left. A king size Hershey bar. I especially love the water bottles. They just made me happy to look at! I never want to throw them away. Tissue paper pom poms. Each girl decorated her initial. So cute!! The birthday girl. The girls loved the chocolate fountain. They dipped everything they could think of in it. My friend Esther makes the best cupcakes in the world! (Actually there isn't anything Esther can't do! She really is amazing!!) This is no box mix. Everything is from scratch and they are too die for!! I am going to mis

Spring Pillows

 A friend asked me to make some pillows for her. She picked such cute springy fabric! I love spring!