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A Day of Service

A Day of Service I have been determined to incorporate more service into this holiday season. (Yes, I am considering it the holiday season. Christmas decorations were out in August!!)  I was able to host a Day of Service for the gals in my ward. We made pillow cases for a local battered women's shelter. We all got into our groove and got to work! It was awesome!! We had a great turn out and accomplished a lot! We were able to make 39 pillow cases.
 Thanks to everyone that made this a success! I have more ideas in the works (-:

Color Block Curtains

ColorBlockCurtains  When I originally put these curtains up,  I intended on adding to them so they would actually go to the floor. It was just one more thing on my list of things to do! I was so inspired by my last curtain project that I decided to color block these instead. I used the same white curtains from Ikea and just cut them to the size I wanted. The curtains are 100" long. I cut each piece 25" (plus seam allowance)  I am happy to check that project of the list!! 

Ruffled Curtains

Ruffled Curtains
I have been wanting to make drapes for my studio for a while.  I have some great Amy Butler fabric that would be so cute but I went with white panels from Ikea since I have so many  colors and patterns in this room.   It would have been a bit too much! (I know the pic isn't very good. Ignore the well used trampoline in the backyard)

They needed a little something more!  I bought a set of sheer panels from Ikea and cut them to create 10" ruffles. 
Then I gathered them and attached them to the bottom of the curtains. I thought about going all the way up the curtains with ruffles but I loved how it looks with just 4 on the bottom. They also gave me the added length that I needed. The curtains were about 6" too short.
They are perfect for my studio! 

Secrets to becoming a millionaire!

Step 1: Make your own wallet in some stylish fabric. Step 2: O.k. I haven't made it beyond step 1 yet... (um... I guess I'll have to get back to you on the rest)  Stephanie made this adorable wallet in sewing class. Check out how many cards it can hold and you still have room for all that cash! Stephanie, you are on your way to becoming a millionaire! (sort of!)

Reversible Sling Bag

Reversible Sling Bag Breanna made this fantastic sling bag in sewing class today. These bags are so popular right now.  I helped another student make one a few weeks ago but the pattern was terrible! I tweaked it a bit and came up with this beauty. Good job Breanna!!

Kenzly's sling bag. Super cute!