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Fall Semester July 2017-December 2017

Fall Semester 2017 July-December

Kids Sewing Classes

Scroll down to find out more info. or contact me: 
Classes run 2 1/2 hrs. There are only 5 spots available per class.
Saturday classes are currently available by appointment only.
Classes start July 24th 4pm-6:30pm Monday thru Thursday! 
We have 5 seats per class available with the option to add 3 if we have friends who join us! 

 Cost of each class is $40.00 includes all supplies. We are running an end of summer fall semester special: buy 10 classes and get 2 FREE!!! payments need to be received by July 21st.  Payments received by July 21st will also be entered in a drawing for 5 students to get a free class!!!Do a sample/drop in class for $35!!!

To sign up email me

Basic class info:

Classes are offered Monday through Thursday 4:00-6:30pm EVERY WEEK. *****(We also can  offer Saturday class times they would be: 9:00-11:30 and 11:30-2:00pm by appointment only if we have 2+ students prepaid)

Beginner projects are:

  • Pillow Case
  • Neck Pillow
  • Zipper Bag
  • PJ bottoms
  • Apron 
  • Reversible Tote Bag
  • 30 Square Rag Quilt

***Adult Sewing Classes***

Saturday's Adult classes are as follows:

 August 26th Saturday 9am-1130am(2 seats open)  and 1130am-2pm(as enrollment allows)
September 9th Saturday  9am-1130am and 1130am-2pm(as enrollment allows)
September 16th 9am-1130am and 1130am-2pm(as enrollment allows)
 September 23rd 9am-1130am and 1130am-2pm(as enrollment allows)

Costs are the same $40 for 2 1/2 hour class. I am running a back to school special for $35 per class! Classes MUST be paid for at least 48 hours in advance to guarantee a seat in class.  No shows and cancellations and rescheduling w/out 48 hours notice,  are subject to a $30 fee, and or forfeit of class cost.

ALL SUPPLIES are included

Just bring your smile and willingness to learn!!!

EMAIL ME for your personal lesson!

Refer a friend and get a free yard of Fleece or Flannel. Buy 10 classes and get 2 FREE!!! ($80 value) 
Classes need to be paid via Pay Pal in advance to ensure a spot. just log onto pay pal and type in my email: and pay the class fee or the amount of classes you are reserving. (i.e. buy 10 get one free $400, type in my email address then the next box appears to insert the payment. I get an email telling me you have paid.) after you pay I can send you an confirmation email with my address for classes.

*Please note that I require a min. 72 hour cancellation notice. To hold a spot payment must be received within 48 hours of signing up.  
***NEW a rescheduling fee has been added, if you want to reschedule with less than 24 hours notice you will be subject to a $30 fee for each occurrence. (This does not include those who made arrangements at the beginning of the semester.) Payments can be made with cash,  a check or through PayPal. Use to pay.

Scroll down to view sewing studio policies.

Thank you.

SEW IT WITH WOOL: We have several weekly students who will be making practice outfits for the state fair and then compete for State wide recognition in November. The finalist will go to the Regional contest to win cash prizes.These students will buy their own wool, and accessories for the fashion show. *Create Your Own Joy will provide the machines, practice wool,  patterns, embellishments, buttons, zippers and thread.  This is an amazing opportunity for the students to get real life experience in the fashion industry and use skills on wool fabrics.

Basic class info:

Classes are offered Monday through Thursday 4:00-6:30pm EVERY WEEK. *****(We also can  offer Saturday class times they would be: 9:00-11:30 and 11:30-2:00pm by appointment only if we have 2+ students prepaid)

Beginner projects are:

  • Pillow Case
  • Neck Pillow
  • Zipper Bag
  • PJ bottoms
  • Reversible Tote Bag
  • 30 Square Rag Quilt

when the students complete these basic projects they then will start working on their on projects they choose.***within reason. Not all students progress at the same pace and level. Parents are encouraged to ask the instructors questions and get feedback about a child's progress.

Fall  break classes are a great time to get make up classes or use your free class. They are al a carte classes so if kids want a one time class or they want to bring a friend this is a great time to get them interested!

Classes are TBD September 25th-ish to October 13th-ish depending on Fall break school schedules.

Monday thru Thursday 9am-1130am and 1130am-2pm each day. TBA class openings!

"Thank you for teaching my daughter skills she will use her whole life! Your influence will go on and on." ~Nancy

"I am so thankful that you are doing this, so this generation of young ladies can learn how to sew." ~Grandma Taylor

"I just want to tell you how incredibly grateful I am for all that you were able to teach my daughter during your sewing classes! Thanks to you she has the knowledge and capability to be able to sew." ~Laura

"She comes home with the cutest projects." ~ Holly 

Create Your Own Joy Sewing Studio Policies

Classes: Classes are listed on the website. A parent signed waiver is required before students can attend class. I offer a regular class schedule as well as a spring break, fall break, summer and school break class schedule. Students are welcome to sign up for as many classes as they like during the summer and school break schedules. This is a great time to try out a class or bring a friend. email to sign up. I try to keep my website updated as much as possible.

Regular class schedules are offered in 2 semesters, much like a school.  Each semester we offer classes regular classes Monday through Thursday 4:00 to 6:30pm Saturday classes will be by appointment,for events and possible make-up classes.  If room is available students may join mid-semester. Tuition will be pro-rated. There is not a supply fee or registration fee. Adult classes are currently scheduled the 3rd Saturday of each month except March due to Spring break Schedule it falls on the 4th weekend or available upon request.  Special session classes (for example fall break/spring break will not be included in the cost of tuition.)

Students will not always finish projects during class times. Unfinished projects will be placed in clear Ziploc bags with the students name on it and placed in a basket for safe keeping until next time. Since fabric is provided, unfinished projects may not be taken home to be finished.  Once a project is finished they may take it home.

Instructors: CYOJ sewing instructors have a lifetime of sewing experience who love to teach. We have sewn everything from basic alterations to wedding dresses and home decor. (Our classes are for learning, not sew for hire. ****No we do not sew for hire! )

Our mission: To foster a love for sewing and creating original works of art. We teach proper sewing terms, techniques and skills to the younger generation with the goal that they will be able to sew independently. We feel these skills will build confidence and self-esteem as well as serve as a creative outlet.

In these classes they will learn:

*Sewing machine basics: threading the machine, wind the bobbin etc… 

*Proper ironing and fabric cutting techniques

*How to read a pattern (directions) and work with patterns.

*Advanced students will learn how to properly use an overlock serger. They will work with specialty fabrics and learn decorative stitching on the machines.

Students have made a variety of sewing projects. For example: pillow cases, apron, reversible tote bags, pj pants, rag quilts, stuffed animals, lunch bags, skirts, dresses, headbands and Halloween costumes to name a few!

Supplies: All supplies are provided for each student including the sewing machines. There is a wide variety of fabrics to choose from. Your child will be working with Viking machines. Each machine is receives regular service to keep it in good working order.

Food: Snacks and water are allowed in the studio but must be kept away from the sewing machines, fabric and work table.

Phones & IPods: Electronic devices are welcome in the studio however please discuss with your child appropriate times to use these. For example, No texting while sewing. 

Payment: Payment in full for the entire session or individual class is required at the time of signing up in order to reserve your spot. Starting January 1st 2016 classes are $40.00 for 2 ½ hours and include all supplies. Semester fees are determined by how many classes are taken each month. You can pay for a class through PayPal, a check, money order or stop by and pay.  E-mail to reserve a class. A reservation can be held for 48 hours so you can drop by payment or pay through PayPal. Cash is preferred.  A confirmation email will be sent back to you to confirm your child is signed up for the class.  Note: returned checks are subject to a $35 fee.

      Rescheduling fee: Students giving less than a 72 hour notice for rescheduling a class will be subject to a $30 rescheduling fee. 

Refund Policy: There are no cash refunds on classes. A student may reschedule a class once provided notice is given at least 72 hours prior to class time. For example, a cancellation of a Friday class must be received no later than the prior Tuesday.  Rescheduled classes must be taken within 60 days of original class date. If CYOJ needs to cancel a class due to lack of enrollment, students will be given their choice of a refund or a substitution class. There are no refunds or rescheduling if canceling out of a class within 72 hours of class date and time. No exceptions! There are no make-ups for missed classes without the proper notice. 

If you have any questions please email Khristie at


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Trying to contact you to find out about the kids 2018 classes. I can be reached at 623-486-1277, Lorraine. Thank you also email

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