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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
I love Easter. It is one of my favorite holidays.
I love seeing all the Easter baskets lined up ready for eager children to arrve.
Yes, you counted right there are 9!
I have a friend's daughter for the weekend.
(What's one more...really?!)

This one is for my little Aunnie (8 months)

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!
My goal was to be on time to church with all 9 kids dressed
(no putting shoes on after we get there) and hair done.
Did I mention we have 8:00 a.m. church?!!

So...I started last night getting ready.
I thought about dressing everyone before they went to bed but just
laid there outfits out instead. I ironed shirts, found matching socks & shoes.
I packed coloring books, bottles, formula got meds ready.
I was feeling pretty good about everything.

Then I went to bathe Sophia & Mark.
Uhh...what happened to our hot water?!!
No worries, I'll just boil pots of water and carry them upstairs so I can bathe them.
I knew I wouln't have time in the morning and I was on a mission!

I was determined to sit together as a family!!
I got everyone up at 6:00 a.m.
We started off with family prayer and then had all the older children
pick a younger child to get dressed.
We were doing pretty good and I was happy :)

We got to church on time...well during the first song.
I am counting that as on time.
Johnny, my specail needs little boy, lasted about
3 minutes before he needed to be taken out.
Aunnie lasted slightly longer...about 5 minutes and
then she was out in the hall too.

Johnny started crying and I couldn't figure out why.
I repositioned him, suctioned him, sang (not really comforting)
I couldn't get him to stop.
So...I loaded Aunnie, Johnny and his wheelchair back up in the car
and came home.
All that effort and I was there for a half hour!!
Oh well...there is always next week :)

I am exhausted!!
So I hope you all had a slightly more relaxing Easter morning than me.
 (It wouldn't be hard!)
 I did fnd out why he was crying...apparently a well meaning mother put shoes on him that were slightly too small. SInce he is unable to speak he was telling me with his cry. I felt terrible. He is getting an extra chocolate in his basket today.
Sorry Johnny! 


Carrie said…
Kelly, you truly are an amazing woman. Your faith and love and determination is profound!
Nancy said…
I think you did an awesome job! Amazing determination!! Besides, God knows your heart! Enjoy your children and then get some rest!!! Happy Easter!
CYOJ class info said…
Thanks for the encouragement! I appreciate it.
sista # 2 said…
Oh my! 8:00 church is just wrong with 9 kids!! Way to go!

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