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Passion or Obession?!!

This is a picture of me, my mom and my sister Amy.
I always get asked who taught me how to sew? as well as when did I start sewing?
Well...when I was a kid, probably about 8 years old,
my mom started teaching me.

I would say that my mom has many obsessions er...I mean passions.
One of which is sewing. She loves it. She rarely travels without a sewing machine.
She is a great seamstress.
If I ever get stuck on something she is the 1st person that I call.
She has been working so hard with the Az State Fair the last
few months that her & my dad decided to go on a little trip together to get away from it all.
at 6:22 a.m. I received this text from my mom.
This is what she said
"Just like my sewing room at home, minus the toilet"

I am sure my dad is still sleeping and so she had to retreat to the only other room
in their hotel room...the bathroom!

We spent a few weeks up in Utah this summer and
here she is at the kitchen table sewing away.
She brought 4 people in her van and had more stuff to unload then I did wit 7 of us!

This is a pic of my kids after they just woke up. Take a look behind them.
Yes, right there in the kitchen/craft room is a table
that my mom brought piled with all her sewing supplies.

I love that she enjoys sewing so much.
She has taught so many people to sew and love it.
Thanks for all you do mom!

I love you!


marniwho said…
I love that you wrote this about your mom, it is so sweet. Its amazing what we learn from our parents, I just wish what I learned had been more useful hahaha! Your mom looks so good just how I always remember her from HS still so young, you got her genes fer shur :o)
Thanks! She works so hard and deserves a little credit now and then.
You have many usefull skills! I can't wait to see the quilt you are working on.

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