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Thanksgiving Quiz

Happy Thanksgiving!
What a great day to take time to spend with family and
reflect on all that we are blessed with.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!
Here is a quiz you can take to see how well you know your Thanksgiving facts.

Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz
We're all good at eating the Thanksgiving meal. Some of us are good at preparing Thanksgiving dinner. But, how much do you really know about this Thanksgiving Holiday we celebrate every year? See how well you do with this Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz!

1. A spooked turkey can run ... A. 50 miles/hr B. 5 miles/hr C. 20 miles/hr D. 60 miles/hr

2. What utensils did the Pilgrims eat with at the 1st Thanksgiving? A. They were proper Englishmen. They had all the proper utensils. B. Their hands C. A spoon and knife D. A fork E. B and C F. C and D

3. Where did the male "tom" turkey get its name? A. The popular Tom and Jerry Show B. Benjamin Franklin named it after Thomas Jefferson when he would not allow the turkey to be the national bird. C. A tom cat. Wild turkeys were just like wild cats back then. They would roam around and get into fights.

4. What foods were served at the 1st Thanksgiving? A. Deer B. Codfish C. Bread D. Milk E. Boiled pumpkin F. Pastries G. A, B, and E H. A, C, D, and F

5. What Indian tribe was invited to spend Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims? A. Sioux B. Wampanoag C. Red Sox D. Comanche

6. How many degrees can a turkey see with its eyes? A. 360 degrees B. 100 degrees C . 270 degrees D. 9-0 degrees

7. What is a baby turkey called? A. A chick B. A squab C. A poult D. A goblet

8. What was the name of the Indian chief that helped the Pilgrims survive the winter? A. Massasoit B. Geronimo C. Washaki D. Sitting Bull

9. How can a turkey drown when it's raining? A. By looking up B. By getting its beat stuck in the mud C. By hiding its head between its legs

10. What vegetable did the Pilgrims have available for Thanksgiving but did not use it because they thought it was poisonous? A. Beans B. Pumpkin C. Tomatoes D. Potatoes E. Cauliflower

11. Who was the 1st President to pardon a turkey from Thanksgiving dinner? A. Truman B. Jefferson C. Clinton D. Lincoln

12. What percentage of Pilgrims who sailed on the Mayflower survived to celebrate Thanksgiving? A. 50% B. 100% C. 20% D. 75%

13. Do turkeys have heart attacks? A. Yes B. No

14. Which gender of turkey says "gobble, gobble"? A. The female - when she is eating B. They both do C. The male, but only seasonally and when going to sleep.

15. What does cornucopia mean? A. Horn of Plenty B. The godedesses' blessings C. May your table always be full and your friend many

16. Who was the first astronaut to eat turkey on the moon? A. Tom Hanks B. Neil Armstrong C. James Lovell, Jr.

17. Who was the first President to make Thanksgiving a national holiday? A. Truman B. Lincoln C. Jefferson D. Roosevelt

18. How high must a cranberry bounce before it is harvested? A. 12 inches B. 8 inches C. 36 inches D. 4 inches

19. The original Thanksgiving lasted how long? A. 2 months B. 14 days C. 7 days D. 3 days

20. Plymouth Rock is how big today? A. The size of Manhattan B. The size of a car engine C. The size of Carnegie Hall D. The size of a peanut E. The size of a New York block.

1.C 2.E 3.B 4.G 5.B 6.C 7.C 8.A 9.A 10.D 11.A 12.A 13.A The US Air Force found that out the hard way when they were trying to break the sound barrier. Whole fields of turkeys fell down dead from heart attacks. 14.C 15.A 16.B 17.B 18.D 19.D 20.B It has cracked three times over the years, each time getting smaller and smaller.


sista # 2 said…
Wow! You learn something new everyday if you pay attention!That is some crazy trivia -fun ;)

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