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Az State Fair Fashion Show 2010

I love seeing my students participate in the fashion show at the Az State Fair.

They work so hard on all their projects and this

is when they get to show off

the hard work and have some fun with it!

Nicole (15)

She made this entire dress & headband out of duct tape.

Marissa (18)

She embroidered the design on this apron.

Blaire (16)

She made this dress in record time to wear it to her spring formal.

Kennedy (10)

She made this darling zebra skirt.

Emily (10)

She turned an ordinary pillowcase into this fabulous skirt.

Katelyn (11)

She made this soft robe out of zebra fleece.

Brighton (10)

She altered this dress pattern to make it more her style
& made the bag to match.

Rylie (10)

She had so much fun making this poodle skirt.

Madelyn (10)

She made this cute dress with buttons.

The woman who made this all possible. The Superintendent over the
Creative Arts & Crafts Division

MaryEllen Simmons.
(a.k.a. my mom)

She has worked so many hours to pull this all together. And it turned
out wonderfully! It was nice to get to see her too. During the Fair time she lives down there.
No really, she bought an R.V. and lives there. For those of you that know my mom.
You aren't surprised. The Fair is her passion/obsession.

Thanks mom!

Another helper, the assistant to the superintendent showing off
someone's roller coaster entry.

Duane Simmons
(a.k.a. my dad)

He has no choice but to work here!

What a good husband.

So this is what the rides looked like that my older kids went on.

I kept watching for a child to fall out.
Please don't let there be a bolt loose!

I was sick just watching it.

They loved it.

And this is what my younger kids went on.

This is more my speed.

Still a 3 & 4 yr. old.

Sophia painting her starfish.

Mark had to do a starfish too.

(He pretty much does whatever Sophia does)

What a great day!
I love the Fashion Show day at the Fair!


sista # 2 said…
Looks like a full day!Great fashion show ;)

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